• In 1883, well off Orlando inhabitant Jacob Summerlin—proprietor of the Summerlin Hotel, the primary City Council president, and monetary bank for the development of Orlando's town hall during the 1870s—gave a huge tract of land to set up a park in Orlando. In 1883, Summerlin went to a city chamber meeting and offered the land around the lake depending on the prerequisite that it be enhanced and moved toward a park. He likewise necessitated that the city plant trees and put a "carport" around the lake.To guarantee that the city finished the stipulations of the gift, Summerlin put reverter provisos in the agreement to enable his beneficiaries to recover the property if the city bombed in its commitments. Quite a long while later, his children took steps to practice the reverter statement if the city did not follow through on its guarantee. Today, the park is still kept up as per his necessity that it be kept wonderful.

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